Leontievsky Mys video

This video is the first work of the team within our studio, so it is very valuable and precious for us. The task was to show the advantages of living in Leontievsky Mys without using images of people at the same time (so as not to impose a specific audience type as home residents). We decided that if we cannot show the residents of the estate, we will show it through the eyes of its residents. On this basis it was proposed to make a video about one day living in Leontievsky Cape the way residents see it: an early breakfast on the terrace bathed in morning light; reception in the lobby designed by Phillip Starck, and dinner in the apartment with a panoramic view on the still waters of Finnish Gulf; a boat trip around the peninsula and evening family holiday on the private waterfront. To work on the videos, we have combined efforts of our team, lead by a movie director from London and a sound engineer from New York. We were limited in time, so we had only two months - the first show had to take place during Philippe Starck’s arrival in Saint-Petersburg. We are still very proud to have been able to create our first, rather complex video on such short notice. Two years have passed since this time, and we are very pleased that the video created by our team is still keeping the customers completely satisfied, serving as a primary means of video-promotion for Leontivesky Mys.